Bionnlabs (Rostov-on-Don) now represents Yicozoo Energy Technology Co., LTD in Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzastan, and Kazakhstan

Bioinnlabs, our long-time partner in providing our selected products to customers in Russia and EAEU countries, is expanding its role in distrubuting wider range of lab consumables, equipment and services to its growing client network.


The evergrowing product line from Yicozoo is available on and from official representatives of Bioinnlabs at and +7 800 100 60 87.


Bioinnlabs (formally Biomedical Innovations, LLC, Rostov-on-Don, Russia), was founded in 2017 as a private research institution and, shortly after its founding, started collaborating with Yicozoo to meet its own needs in lab supplies.


Following a few years of developing its own product line and becoming a leader on the Russian market of DNA/RNA decontamination solutions, Bioinnlabs  has now scaled up its commercial activity, with Yicozoo Energy Technology Co., LTD becoming the leading partner in general use lab consumables and hi-tech lab equipment supply to the Bioinnlabs operating area.


Bioinnlabs and Yicozoo herewith declare the joint devotion to supplying the best-quality products and services to clients in EAEU countries.