Asia Synthetic Biology Society headquarters in Shenzhen Shenzhen, October 27 (reporter Zheng Xiaohong) Chengdu (CNA) -- The Asian Society for Synthetic Biology (ASBA) has decided to set its headquarters in Shenzhen and its secretariat in the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology (SIAT), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), at its 2019 annual meeting in Chengdu on Wednesday.

As the head of ASBA headquarters, Liu Chenli, director of the Institute of Synthetic Biology of Shenzhen Advanced Academy and president of the Institute of Synthetic Biology Innovation of Shenzhen, said that ASBA headquarters will gather influential experts and scholars in the field of synthetic biology in Asia, and enhance the influence and status of China and Asian countries in the field of synthetic biology.

Asia association of synthetic biology by China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, academic institutions, launched in 2018 and set up, the current association members come from the four 60 scientific research institutes, the association's first organization committee members include from shenzhen advanced school of Chinese Academy of Sciences, university of kobe, Japan, South Korea science and technology institute and the national university of Singapore, experts and scholars in the field of synthetic biology.

In the international community, synthetic biology has been recognized by many countries as a strategic and disruptive technology field, which is believed to bring the "third life science revolution" after the "molecular biology revolution" and "genomics revolution", and promote people to realize the leap from "understanding life" to "engineering life". Synthetic biology not only plays an important role in understanding the nature of life, but also shows great application potential in medicine, energy, materials, agriculture, environment and so on. Many countries in the world have carried out comprehensive strategic planning and layout in the field of synthetic biology, mainly focusing on forward-looking basic research, key core technologies, application transformation, large-scale infrastructure support, etc.

According to Liu Chen, Australia, Thailand, India, Indonesia and other countries have applied to join ASBA. In the future, ASBA is expected to become the international synthetic biology innovation is an important node of the network, not only will fuel the synthetic biology basic research and the rapid development of biological industry, synthetic biology will also decided to Asia research direction of industry layout, in medical treatment, agriculture, chemical, material and a series of downstream industries play a key role in supporting, for human face major issues such as resources, energy and environment provides a new solution.